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Design Build Process

Initial Consultation

Our design team meets with the client to understand the client’s vision, specific needs, budget and desired timeframe.  Whether it’s a new patio with a fire pit or a quiet retreat with a water feature, we can transform your vision into a realistic design.

Initial Design

Our team will incorporate the client’s vision and develop a preliminary design tailored to the client’s lifestyle and needs.  Depending on the size and scope, we may create a few design concepts to demonstrate multiple options.  We present the design(s) to the client along with an imagery board to display materials.  The client will review and then discuss with us.  We modify, if desired, to achieve our mutual goals.  This meeting will include some initial estimates.

Final Design

At the final design meeting, we provide a full design and 3D renderings which includes hardscape, plantings, lighting and/or other features.  This will give the client a visual of the final project once completed and brings the plans to life.  We will present a final estimate and contract at this meeting.

Build Process

Our experienced team of equipment operators, stonemasons and landscapers will work with the final design along with input from the client to prepare the site and build the hardscape feature(s).  We take pride in our construction standards and attention to detail while always keeping functional and durabilty in mind.  During this phase we make every effort to maintain a clean and organized worksite while always keeping safety a priority.

Final Phase

Once the hardscape is completed, we transition into plant installation, landscape lighting and lawn installation.  Adding color and bringing a new landscape to life at night will enhance the esthetics of the property while providing a place to relax with family and friends, day or night.